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  • 2017 July 13 / Civil sector


    Taxpayers may benefit from tax allowances of 50% or 36% of the costs incurred. 

    If the renovations are made on residential buildings used for commercial operation, the deduction is reduced of 50%.

    Unlike the previous legislation, since 2017 the facility covers not only buildings located in highly dangerous seismic zones ( zones 1 and 2) but also those located in low risk areas ( seismic zone 3)

    The facilitation is the property of owners and real/ personal rights holders.

  • 2017 July 13 / Civil sector


    The stability law provides that the tax deduction for the interventions on energy development of buildings is 65%

    Both resident and non resident taxpayers are entitled to deduct, even if they are owners of the business income, and own the building which is object of interventions.

    The deductions are entitled to incurred or documented expenses which have been paid by the taxpayer.

    In particular, deductions are accepted if the costs have been incurred for:
    - the thermal improvement of the building ( insulations, floors, windows, including fixtures)
    - the replacement of winter heating system.
    - the reduction of energy use for heating

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