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Roero isolamenti WHO WE ARE

Roero Isolamenti is an association of artisans which matches different and complementary professions, which puts together skill, attention to details and the typical flexibility of the artisan in organizing a consortium, competence and the seriousness of a structured company, able to handle a site from A to Z, with realizations in accordance with best practice.

It was founded in 2009 and with the passage of years, its consortium members became 28 and some of them, like the leading proponent, Olivetti srl, with thirty years of experience in the field of thermal and acoustic insulations, in the industrial sector as in the civil and oenological one. The interventions performed range over the retraining of artisanal sheds and the restoration of residential buildings like condominiums, family houses and flats. The collaboration with different artisans, masters in various sectors of insulation, enables to work in a very rapid way and with maximum versatility in order to satisfy every customer’s need.

Roero Isolamenti has become independent thanks to different necessities and problems that have been faced during the years. It also responds to obligations of law in the field of security, from the drafting of the DVR and the POS to the organization of training courses about security and hygiene in the workplace